Frequently Asked Questions


  • Read all about the course curriculum and FAQs
  • Pay for the course
  • Wait for the course to commence



  • The Course has three packages
  • BASIC: (N57,420 or $99)
  • INTERMEDIATE: (N115,420 or $199)
  • ONE ON ONE: (N289,420 or $499)


  • INTERMEDIATE: (N72,220 or $157)
  • Online Course Materials
  • Lifetime Access to closed Facebook group
  • 7 practice videos
  • Professional and personalized feedback on all practice videos
  • Free Access to Mini Course – Boost Your Confidence
  • Course Certificate




  • Yes you will, if you register for the Intermediate or One on One coaching but you must complete all your practice videos and book review updates to be eligible for a certificate.




After payment, you will get a welcome email confirming your payment and welcoming you. All you have to do is wait for the course to commence, then you will get your login details.




  • The course is hosted on the Online Public Speaking Academy for women www.presentrite.com. This means that all the course contents are on this site.
  • You would be sent your username and password when the class commences to enable you access all the course materials.




  • All the classes are recorded so you will not have to miss any
  • Our bonus classes hold on Sunday evenings when most people are not too busy




  • You will post videos of you speaking in the closed facebook group for only paid members. Don’t worry the whole world won’t see you only the coach and your class mates.



  • If you can open your email, you are good enough
  • This course is designed to help people like you overcome their shyness over time so let’s start quickly!


  • If you paid for the BASIC package, you get your login details as soon as your payment is confirmed and you can start immediately
  • The INTERMEDIATE class opens 5 times a year, February, April, June,  August and October
  • The ONE ON ONE package – you get access to the online course immediately payment is confirmed. Please send an email to [email protected] or call/send a whatsapp to +234703 262 3336 to fix a date for personalized coaching.




  • BASIC Package – N45,080 or $98
  • Lifetime Access to the Online School
  • Online Course Modules and Lessons only




  • Online Course Materials
  • Private closed Facebook Group for only you
  • Six 1 hour coaching calls per week
  • 6 practice videos
  • Professional and personalized feedback on all practice videos
  • Access to Closed Facebook Group for group coaching
  • Free Access to Mini Course – Boost Your Confidence,
  • Opportunity to chat with the Coach whenever you have a presentation (Based on the Coach’s availability).
  • Certificate




  • Yes it will be very effective. It has been effective to over 80 women who have taken this course in the past. Kindly check our testimonial page to confirm this.



Yes, you have lifetime access for as long as the course exists!

  • The course is completely online and you can take it from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your home. All you need is a computer, ipad or phone.
  • The Online Presentation Coach will watch all the videos you upload on the Closed group for paid members and give you feedback in form of comments.
  • Yes, there is a video tutorial that shows you how
  • Yes, you can improve your presentation delivery by taking this course, please go through the course curriculum to see all you will learn
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