Presentrite Academy

Presentrite is a Public Speaking and Presentation School for Women.

We teach women how to speak confidently in the work place, overcome their fear of public speaking so they can get noticed and promoted at work. We know that being able to communicate effectively, engage your audience and inspire action is a skill that cuts across every profession.

Our approach to speaking and presentations is audience focused therefore, we pay attention to how you engage your audience and how they respond to you.

We give our students a platform to practice what they have learnt and also provide feedback and evaluation on their performance after every practical session.

Our Founder

Adeola Tosin-Babatunde is a Certified Competent Communicator & Leader by the International Communications and Leadership Body – Toastmasters. She is a Speaker, Trainer and Nigeria’s first Online Public Speaking and Presentations Coach. She is the Founder and Lead Coach of Presentrite Academy – the Online Public Speaking School for Women, Co-Founder of Inside Business Consulting and Lead Consultant at Inside Business Consulting.

Over the past 5 years, she has coached many women to speak more confidently and now shares all that she has learnt to help women in the Confident Presentations Formula Online Course.

Adeola has won the;

  • International, humorous and tall tales speech contest – 1st Place Winner (8 times)
  • Best Speaker Award (7 times, UK and Nigeria)
  • Best Evaluator Award (6 times)

Adeola’s excellent ability to motivate people in line with their dreams, good sense of humour, energetic personality and literal dexterity make her an excellent mentor to young aspiring entrepreneurs.
She resides in Lagos with her Husband and children.

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